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November, 2011
” It led me to some thinking about multigrid. Multigrid can, in principle, achieve grid-independent convergence, the number of multigrid cycles for convergence is the same for any grid size, thus CPU time is simply proportional to the number of unknowns. Suppose optimal and robust multigrid can be implemented for any scheme. Then, doubling the mesh in each direction in 3D will increase CPU time by a factor of 8. It leads me to a 3rd-order scheme that will reduce the solution error by a factor of 8. If we require that these two factors, at least, match each other, we should shoot for 3rd-order schemes, at least, even with the ultimate multigrid solver.”

September, 2011
“The push-button CFD sounds like a training rather than the university education unless it is taught in the context of problem solving. It may be an important skill, but at a university, that is something to be acquired through intellectual activities.”


Written by Katate Masatsuka

January 14, 2012 at 9:57 pm

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